Attention! Kreidler and Hildebrandt come to Kazakhstan

Ina and Volker land in Almaty on 19 April and then report on their tour in the footsteps of Alfred Brehm. Their passports are much handier than the one from 1876. They are also not issued in the name of “Wilhelm von Gottes Gnaden Kaiser, König von Preußen, etc: etc:” and on behalf of the Imperial Chancellor. But then as now, diplomatic support is helpful, for example if you need a visa, or if you want to know whether the photographer is allowed to take pictures everywhere without hesitation. Then a “verbale note” is helpful, reminiscent of the German-Kazakh Cultural Agreement. At the time, Brehm was able to rely on an “open order” from the Russian interior minister to all authorities along the travel route.

Passport of Alfred Edmund Brehm, 1876 © Brehms Welt, Renthendorf

Soon it will start. We are excited!